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Back again this week in Frenchtown December 8th!

Dear Customer!

We are back open this December 2022! First let us say we are so grateful to you for shopping local! We love growing for our communities as much as we love eating some good local produce!

December is a great time to reflect on our farmers market year! We’ve loved selling in our Frenchtown pick up location. We have many producers and customers that were new this year! And the produce was beautiful and delicious!

Many got to meet local producers and try new ingredients. Farmers tried new crops. It was a good food year! We aim to make 2023 even better. So we hope you stay plugged into local produce with us as we grow!

We have a few updates for you this season! This December we are doing a little test run of a Farmers Market Subscription Box and we would like to see if you are up for it! We are also switching our online ordering software to a different platform,

What is it?

A bi-weekly Farmer’s Market Subscription Box for the month of December, paid for in full upfront. The box includes seasonally available produce including microgreens, arugula, bush tea, seasoning greens and other available fruits and vegetables.

You will receive a farmers market box twice this month, on the second and 4th Thursday of the Month, December 8th and the 22nd. There are 2 sizes, one for large households and one that is a half share, good for smaller households.

How do I order?

Create a Que Sera Farms account at Go to “Account” on the right hand corner of the webpage and click “Create Account.” You will receive an email with a link to confirm your account. Once you are in go to “Product Bundles” and click on either the full or the half option for your December Subscription.

You will also have the option to add additional items from our inventory under “All Products” to your order! You can pay via Venmo to Shelli Brin @queserafarms or you can pay with cash or check at the market pick up.

Ordering will be open on the new website this evening and will close at 6pm on December 7th so make sure to place your order before then!

How do I pick it up?

On the second and fourth Thursday of the month at the Frenchtown Fish Market between 3:30 and 5:45. Text (340) 643-2298 for any scheduling conflicts and we will try to accommodate you as best we can!

Where: French Town Fish Market
When: December 8, 3:30-5:45
December 22, 3:30-5:45

We are really excited to try out this subscription model and we appreciate your support in taking on this experiment with us. This is a mini version of a Community Supported Agriculture program. When Farmers and Market Coordinators get orders and payments ahead of time it helps us plan and fund our day to day operations which, down the line, can lead to increased affordability and availability of local crops to customers while still increasing viability and profitability for local producers.

We are excited to see how much demand there is so that we can increase our production and encourage other producers too. So for our growers, we really do hope you give this subscription box a try this month!

Subscription boxes can also be a culinary adventure, opening up so many more opportunities to teach consumers how to eat local ingredients and integrate them better into their meals. It gives producers a chance to introduce items they wouldn’t normally try because local varieties vary from stateside ones. If you need tips on how to use certain items keep an eye on your inbox for recipes or simply ask us how we cook with these items at home.

What should my next steps be after this email?
Sign up for a Que Sera Farms account on
and then sign up for a December Subscription Box. Make a note on payment of choice. And then we’ll see you December 8th, between 3p-6p in Frenchtown again! We can’t wait to see you again!!

Yours Truly,
- Your St Thomas Online Farmers Market Coordinators

The Market is Open! Last week to order

Morning everyone! The market is open. Get in your last order or the spring season.

Thanks for everyone who has supported our local producers this season! We appreciate you! Thanks for your support, flexibility, and willingness to try new things.

A special thanks to our market coordinators Aylee and Julia! They were instrumental in connecting our producers with our community. Thank you for being apart of the local food movement! And thanks to all our volunteers throughout the season. Couldn’t have done it with out you!

And thanks to Laura Martin and Jason Budson for giving the market members a chance to recycle for several weeks this season. It was the launch of a great feature we hope to bring back next season.

Thanks to the Frenchtown community and fisherfolks for being so welcoming to us! We’ve loved being apart of the Frenchtown Community bringing produce to the scene!

Special thanks to all the producers! Keep up the good growing! We hope you enjoyed using the online farmers market. We aim to serve you better and better each season.

Thanks everyone, we love and appreciate you!

Yours Truly,

Que Sera Farms Crew, host farm if the St Thomas Online Farmers Market.

A couple great finds this week on the market:
- lettuce
- Bok Choy
- duck eggs
- scallions
- farm fresh chicken eggs
- etc

Order at stt.locally

Pick up set for tomorrow in Frenchtown! Get your order in asap!

The Market is Open!!!

For only another 3 hours though so be sure to place your order before 5pm today.

All the pick up kinks have been worked out from last week’s pick up and we are all set for tomorrow, Thursday’s pick up! For those who had orders last week, we hit a roadblock last week with DPNR who manages the facility but we worked it out and officially have permission on paper now. Which is great, now they know themselves where to get great local produce on island and are behind supporting local. Thanks to all for being flexible and supporting local too. And as a special treat, we’ll have these extras for sale that didn’t make the website in time, so plan to still stop by tomorrow:

Haitian Mangos
Kidney Mangos
Local Pineapples
Pickled cucumbers

Summer fruits are here!!! Don’t miss out! Place your order today!


The Market is Open!

The Market is Open!

Happy Saturday to all!

Wishing you a great Easter! Thanks everyone for supporting last week’s plant focused market pick up. We had a great time at the market. Let us know if you’d like to see more of that.

This week, our Plastics volunteer Laura is out of town so no plastics this week but will resume for collection following week. If you are new to the market, this is one of the benefits of membership, you can drop off your empty water bottles and plastics #1 to reduce plastic waste going to the landfill and into our ocean. Two of our members are part of a local recycling group that organizes to recycle some of our plastics on island.

Here are some items to look out for on the market this week!

Local Duck eggs
Collard greens
Red Russian Kale
Bush Tea Bundles for making your own teas
Oregano seasonings
And more…

The Market is Open!

Welcome back to another great week of fresh local produce available for you!

The market is now open for ordering!

back in season this week:

Kale, Dinosaur
Swiss Chards
Mustard Greens

And lots more…

Get in your order early today at stt.locally

Yours Truly,
Your Market Coordinators

The Market is Open!

Happy Saturday!

Check out what’s in season this week on the online farmers market.

Remember, these items don’t grow year round so be sure to take advantage of buying local and what’s in season when it’s available!

Here are a few items to look out for:
Collard Greens
Bok Choy
Fresh local chicken eggs ( on a non-gmo diet)
And more…

Happy cooking!
- You were farmers market coordinators

The market is open for ordering!

The market is open!

Welcome to a new grower this week, Greens VI! He’s got lots of good Arugula.

Check out what’s in season on the market this week!

Lettuce, Swiss Chard, sugar cakes with local grated coconut, celery, local eggs, scallions, Bok Choy and more.

Also, there are plants for sale for that home gardener within!

Check out the produce for sale this week at

Market Member Benefits this week!

Want to recycle and just haven’t been able to so far?

Well it just so happens we partnered with a volunteer group who collects them at the market pick up on Thursdays for our market members!

We paused it due to the Omicron wave a few weeks ago but have resumed.

So you can now bring your plastics and aluminum to Market on Thursdays. One major request this time though: you have to follow the guidelines or they will not be accepted. The volunteers have expressed some are still not following the rules so here they are again. We want to make sure this works for them as well as us so they can keep doing this with us. So thanks in advance for re-reading these.

Here are the guidelines of what they can accept:

-We accept all plastic drink bottles:
sports, water, soda, juice, milk.
-All caps must be removed from bottles, it is ok to place caps in same bag but must be removed from bottles.
-NO black plastic containers, caps, or bags accepted.
-NO plastic food containers or wrappers.
-Kindly rinse bottles especially milk and soda containers.
-Kindly bring your items in clear plastic bags.

We also accept all aluminum for recycling.

And on another note: we are now accepting kitchen food scraps for some of our livestock farmers. If interested in this feature, message us because we are only able to take a few buckets. You can pick up your free small kitchen scrap buckets at the next market pick up day.

What can we take?
- pieces of fruits, vegetables, greens, cooked rice, cooked veggies.

What we CANNOT take?
- definitely no meat, eggs, raw potatoes or potatoe skins, dairy

So when you are cutting up that cabbage or Bok Choy or carrots, etc, toss them in the kitchen scrap buckets and drop off at the farmers market.

If you chose to keep bucket out of fridge, only start collecting one day before the market.

If you chose to keep scraps in fridge, then you can start collecting 3-4 days before market day.

Thank you for using the market!
Your Market Coordinators

The Market is open!

The Market is Open!

Morning! Happy Saturday! The market is open for orders. Take a look at what’s in season this week!

Here are a few featured items to get into your diet this week:

Beet Greens from Andy’s Farm
Arugula from Que Sera Farms
Fresh Chicken eggs (on a non-gmo grain)
Bok Choy
Cherry Tomato Plants for sale! (Great time of year to plant.)
And more….

Also: we have begun collecting plastics again!
I’ll send the details on this Plastics, Aliminum, and Kitchen food scrap options for you in another email.

Place your order today at

Missed getting fresh local produce this weekend? The Market is Open!

The Market is Open!

Get in your order today in time for this week’s Thursday Pick up. What’s in season?

Bok Choy from Andy’s Garden

Scallion bundles from a Mandahl farmer

Local eggs from Que Sera Farms, fed a non-gmo feed

Arugula from Drina’s Farm

And more!

Visit to place your order or click on the links below.