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Online Farmers Market -Last minute buys!

We still have:

Pesto by Paradise Farms.
Made with fresh local basil, great on warm pasta, use as a spread or try on roasted veggies.

Duck eggs by Taitu’s Farm

Crisphead lettuce by Drina’s Farm

Tamarind juice by Que Sera Farm

Farm fresh eggs


Order extras and share with Neighbors and Family. Eating fresh local ingredients is a good thing!!

Reminder: Online market closes Tuesday 5pm.

Happy shopping,
Market coordinators

The Market is open!

Happy Market Day!

The online Farmers Market is now open!

Great fresh local items available this week!

Farm fresh duck eggs from Taitu’s Farm

Celery, Lettuce and Scallions Drina’a Farm

Local harvest honey from VI Honey Comp

Also check out the Sea purslane greens by Que Sera Farms. Use as a topping to your salad. It has a mild salty flavor, since it grows along the shoreline.
Try some, let us know what you think.

Happy shopping!
Your Market Coordinators

Online Farmers Market -Last minute buys!

Ducks finally laid at Taitu’s Farm! So duck eggs are now available. Try some, would love to hear your feedback.
Comes 4/$4.50

We still have:
-Crisphead lettuce, scallions and culantro
-lemongrass bundles
-sm green papaya’s
-bananas green and almost ripe

Also check out locally flavored wines by Wine on the Rock. This producer uses local fruits like guava, pineapple, black berry.
Would make a great Mothers Day gift!

Reminder online market closes today at 5pm.
Happy shopping.

The Market is open!

Happy Saturday!

The Online Farmers Market is now open.

A great day to shop local.

Some highlights this week:

-Mint and celery from Drina’s Farm
-Fresh greens and herbs from Gongolow Farms, Elena’s Garden
-Lemongrass bundles for cooking or tea

Also check out Shelli’s Tamarind stew
on the Market this week.

Thank you for shopping Online Farmers Market for fresh local ingredients!

The Market is open!

Happy Saturday! What a great day to order fresh produce and support our local growers.

Some featured items this week:
-Fire Cider, a great immune support and cones in different flavors
-Fresh herbs from Elena’s garden
-Fresh eggs, Que Sera Farms and Mandahl Secret Garden
-Honey from VI Honey company

Thank you for shopping St Thomas Online Farmers Market, for fresh local ingredients.

Yours truly,
Your Market Coordinators

The Market is Open!

Happy Saturday!

The Market is Open! What a great day for shopping local! Lots of great buys on the market for you to get into your kitchen this week.

Some nice featured items this week:

Fresh Eggs from Que Sera Farms and Mandahl Secret Garden
Local lettuce from Drina’s Farm
Honey from VI Honey Co
…Moringa Flowers
…Local jams, jellies, Moringa breads, etc

Thanks for shopping on the St Thomas Online Farmers Market for fresh local ingredients!

Yours Truly,
Your Market Coordinators

Spring time Market is open!

The market is open!

Happy Saturday to you,

Here are some highlights for you this week to try:

Fresh Tumeric roots by Taitu Farm
Fresh superfood Moringa Breads by The Moringa Experience
Local Fresh eggs by Que Sera Farms
Celery and Scallions by Drina Farm
Local Honey by VI Honey Co.
Sapodilla Jam and Chocolate Pudding Fruit Jam by Queen CariBee
Coco Plums are back in season!
Locally made Earrings with local Bamboo by Dans Ma Vi
Guava Trees, pineapple slips, for sale by Mandahl’s Secret Garden
Gooseberry trees, lemongrass slips, soursops for sale by other growers, etc
And more for your garden….

Updates from the Farms:
The ducks are sitting on their duck eggs at Taitu Farm. Lol. This means a pause on duck eggs being available on the market for a few weeks, but that also means our duck farmer is about to be a mama again. She’ll be expanding her operation to provide even more eggs in the future.

Season changes! The Market is Open!

The Market is Open!

As we shift into season changes of Spring and Summer, we welcome a new grower on the market: Taitu Farm. They provide duck eggs. A really nice local treat to have. Stay tuned in as they also grow a lot of produce and will be adding to the market as we go.

New on the market this week: fruit trees for sale and fresh basil herbs.

Get your fresh local eggs, locally made Moringa bread, and more!

Have a great weekend!

Your market coordinators.

The Market is Open!

Happy Saturday everyone,

A beautiful day to get in your order for fresh local ingredients next weeks!

Welcome Taitu Farm, newest farm on the market. They carry fresh local Duck eggs! A prime culinary treat now available on the market!

Some other great buys this week:

Fresh farm eggs from Que Sera Farms & Mandahl Secret Garden

Local Scallions through Que Sera Farms and Drina’s Farm

Local Kombuchas with Kbee Kombucha

St Thomas harvest honey from VI Honey Co!

Eggplants, peppers, collard Greens, fresh Rosemary bundles and lots more online.

Ah yes and we are trying again for the cherry tomatoes from St Croix! The epic journey continues! We’re on again for another delivery so thanks in advance for your patience with the process. We really want to get you these tomatoes, they’re so good!

Have a great weekend, see you next week Wednesday St Thomas!!

The Market is open!

Happy Saturday!

The market is open! We’ve got great fresh items to add good nutrition and flavor to your cooking this week.

So great items to add to your cart this week:

Scallions from Que Sera Farms

Fresh Eggs from Mandahl Secret Gardens

Island Kombuchas from Kbee Kombuchas

Honey from VI Honey Co

Lettuce from Drina’s Farm

Bananas from Paradise Farm

Cherry Tomato varieties from St Croix

Locally baked Moringa breads by The Moringa Experience

Plants and lots more available online!

To pay via PayPal or Venmo, we recommend to submit payment on Wednesday after you pick up to make sure we have all your items.

Thanks for shopping local!

Yours Truly,
Your Market Coordinators