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Market Member Benefits this week!

Want to recycle and just haven’t been able to so far?

Well it just so happens we partnered with a volunteer group who collects them at the market pick up on Thursdays for our market members!

We paused it due to the Omicron wave a few weeks ago but have resumed.

So you can now bring your plastics and aluminum to Market on Thursdays. One major request this time though: you have to follow the guidelines or they will not be accepted. The volunteers have expressed some are still not following the rules so here they are again. We want to make sure this works for them as well as us so they can keep doing this with us. So thanks in advance for re-reading these.

Here are the guidelines of what they can accept:

-We accept all plastic drink bottles:
sports, water, soda, juice, milk.
-All caps must be removed from bottles, it is ok to place caps in same bag but must be removed from bottles.
-NO black plastic containers, caps, or bags accepted.
-NO plastic food containers or wrappers.
-Kindly rinse bottles especially milk and soda containers.
-Kindly bring your items in clear plastic bags.

We also accept all aluminum for recycling.

And on another note: we are now accepting kitchen food scraps for some of our livestock farmers. If interested in this feature, message us because we are only able to take a few buckets. You can pick up your free small kitchen scrap buckets at the next market pick up day.

What can we take?
- pieces of fruits, vegetables, greens, cooked rice, cooked veggies.

What we CANNOT take?
- definitely no meat, eggs, raw potatoes or potatoe skins, dairy

So when you are cutting up that cabbage or Bok Choy or carrots, etc, toss them in the kitchen scrap buckets and drop off at the farmers market.

If you chose to keep bucket out of fridge, only start collecting one day before the market.

If you chose to keep scraps in fridge, then you can start collecting 3-4 days before market day.

Thank you for using the market!
Your Market Coordinators