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Last Market until the Fall, get your order in!

Good Saturday Morning!

This is last weekend and week for ordering from your local farms and producers on the St Thomas Locally Grown Farmers Market.

Thanks for shopping local through this platform. We’ll see you Wednesday.

Going on Summer Break, Last week to order

St Thomas Locally Grown Online Farmer’s Market.
Summer Vacation Time!

Dear Customer,

This is the last week of orders until the fall! Get in one more before the fall!

As the summer heat kicks in full force, the market is going on Summer Break! The market will be closed for July and August and will re-open again in September. Thanks so much for shopping locally using this online platform. The growers have enjoyed selling through it and will be back again in the fall. They’ll be able to use the time to plant and prepare for fall crops and production.

So, what does this mean for you for July and August?

How to stay in contact with your growers?
Many still have produce and products available. The Moringa Experience has a website you can order her items through. Some have Facebook group pages, etc. Some participate in the Farmers Market from Yacht Haven Grande that now meet the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month right next to Market Square in downtown Charlotte Amalie.

When will the online market start back up again?
Not sure exact week but it will be in September, evolving around hurricane season. If September is very active, we’ll start back in October. Best way to stay in touch is through our emails and our Facebook page. We’ll email out again in late August with a better time estimate.

Thank you very much for shopping with us. We look forward to serving you again in the fall. Thanks for shopping local. Check out our Facebook page, and help spread the word that one of your favorite ways to buy local is through the online market! We’ll need your help in the fall to get word out again!
Have a great summer, stay hydrated, eat lots of mangoes, and we’ll see you in the fall.

Yours Truly,

St Thomas Locally Grown Farmers Market Team!!

Welcome new growers to the market!

The market is open!

Just a reminder, ordering is only enabled Saturdays to Tuesdays. You may have had the experience of trying to order and the cart feature not being there. That’s mostly because one may have tried ordering on a closed day. Make sure to place your order on open days.

Thanks for shopping on the online farmers market. The growers are happy to have another way to make their product/produce available for you and to make it easier for them to get it to you.

We hope you are enjoying the experience and continue to grow with us as we grow for you!

- Your Market Coordinators

Summer Seasonal Shopping 2020

Hello from the market coordinators of the St. Thomas Locally Grown Farmers Market. Market is currently open for orders and closes on Tuesdays at 5 PM.

Welcome to the new growers that joined this week and to the new customers trying out the market for the first time. We aim to make this smooth and easy to buy local and seasonal from your local farms on the market.

Here’s what’s available this week.

May Market Days of 2020!

Hello all! Que Sera Farms, host farm of the St Thomas Locally Grown Online Farmers Market, here to check in with you.

Welcome to all the new members trying out the market for the first time this week!!

Thank you all for trying the market and shopping from the local farms that are joining. We have new growers every week and some of their feedback is great. They are really enjoying being able to use this platform to bring their produce to a wider St Thomas audience. They appreciated the earlier drop off time last so we’ll be keeping these hours as our summer hours.

A few of the farms participated in farmers markets over the weekend so they were able to just update their inventory for this Wednesday. Please do check the market site again and see if there is any new items that you would like.

For our pick up location, we are going to set up closer to the beach this week. We are still moving around a little to find the right shade spot for the market coordinators so be on the look out for a market tent this time on the beach to the right.

Market is open! Last week of April 2020

Farmers Market is open! Thanks for buying local. We hope you have a beautiful Sunday and remember to get your local produce order in for the week ahead.

Here’s a list of some yummy buys. Welcome to the new growers and new customers this week.

Growing for you,

Your Market Coordinators