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The Market is Open!

The Market is Open!

Happy Saturday to all!

Wishing you a great Easter! Thanks everyone for supporting last week’s plant focused market pick up. We had a great time at the market. Let us know if you’d like to see more of that.

This week, our Plastics volunteer Laura is out of town so no plastics this week but will resume for collection following week. If you are new to the market, this is one of the benefits of membership, you can drop off your empty water bottles and plastics #1 to reduce plastic waste going to the landfill and into our ocean. Two of our members are part of a local recycling group that organizes to recycle some of our plastics on island.

Here are some items to look out for on the market this week!

Local Duck eggs
Collard greens
Red Russian Kale
Bush Tea Bundles for making your own teas
Oregano seasonings
And more…