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Your Online Farmers Market is now open!

Your online Farmers Market is now open!

Mkt is open!

Market is open!

Mkt is open!

Market is open!

First time appearance on the market: locally grown grapes!


We just had a first-time grower add a rare treat just now to the market:

Locally grown Concord grapes!

Limited supply available. Take a look if interested and add to your order!

- Your Market Crew

The Market is open!

Good Saturday Morning!

We hope you had a delicious week!

The market is now open for orders until Wednesday 5pm.

Reminder: you can now bring with you empty water bottles for recycling to the market pick up location during Market hours! We recommend setting up your official recycling bin at your home and office to now redirect some of these plastics away from our local landfill to now an official place to drop them off.

We would also like to add in an option to receive a Chicken Scraps Bucket set at the next pick up. This ideal for those who really hate throwing away food in the garbage. Some of our chickens would love to have your kitchen scraps. So rather than sending that to the Bovoni landfill, at the next pick up ask for a kitchen scraps bucket w/ lids set to take home with you, free of charge. We recommend only to start collecting scraps around Tuesday-Wednesday so it doesn’t build up on you before you can get it to us.
What do chickens eat: greens, veggies, fruits, many fruit skins, herbs, all mixed together is good.
What do they not eat
: potato peels, egg shells, plastic Dole stickers from bananas, citrus skins, bones, cooked food.

And here is the list of what is available from your local producers this week!

New on the market this week:
Wheatgrass… for the juicers out there.
What a treat to have access to some on island. it doesn’t ship well so you never see it in grocery stores but it is in a lot of health juices and pharmacies.

To order :

Happy Tuesday Locally Grown Shoppers

The Online Farmers Market is still open for purchases until Wednesday at 5pm.

Some items still available:

-fresh local eggs
-fresh duck eggs
-lettuce from Drina’s Farm

-Mustard greens and Mesclun greens mix

-fresh sorrel flowers and Bok Choy Paradise Farms

-local wines by Wine on the Rock: Passionfruit, Jojo Plum and
West Indian cherry

-hot sause by Shangri La

Market will be closed next week as we gather to enjoy Family and Friends.

Be safe, each day is a gift, share your lovely smile w someone.

New benefit for Market Members only starting this Thursday at pick up!

Hi Market Members,

We are pleased to announce a new benefit for farmers market members only. Initiated by 2 of the growers on the market Paradise Farms (who sells the awesome eggplants and sorrel)/and Greenridge Guavaberry Farms (with the delicious Bok Choy) in partnership with STT Environmental Group and The Market STT (previously called Plaza Extra), our Frenchtown pick up location on Thursdays is now a drop off location for you for plastics and aluminum to be sent off island for recycling. When you come to pick up your order or don’t have an order but am a member of the market, you can now begin recycling at your home.

This is great timing as this is the week of the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference is Glasgow (COP26) where countries around the world work on a global approach to the climate crisis. And one area being talked about is how island nations are on the frontlines of the effects. Something we all have in common is we love our ocean. And now we have a way to counter act all the plastic bottles going in to it. We hope you are as excited as we are to finally have a way to recycle!

So if interested in using this new feature, read below for important instructions.

Yours Truly,
Your Market Coordinators


This is for:
Recycling Plastic Water, Juice and Soda Beverage Containers ( and Aluminum cans)

…For the sake of efficiency and the safety of our farmers market volunteers, we have streamlined our process of collection. Therefore we will ONLY be accepting clean and empty plastic one gallon water jugs, plastic water bottles, beverage soda/juice bottles only (PET #1 and #2). 

????No caps are allowed on the containers or any item that is colored black, regardless of the category of plastic. This is especially important because the crusher will not be able to work properly before it is crushed, and bailed.

????Please do your part before dropping off items. Volunteers will not be sorting or handling items at the drop off. Please don’t use a black trash bag. Volunteers visibly need to know what you are dropping off before accepting your bags, use only a clear or white colored bag to hold your plastic one-gallon jugs, plastic water bottles, beverage soda/juice bottles.  We will refuse to accept bags that are not placed into a clear or white colored bag. As supplies last, we will be providing one large clear bag per family for use on their next visit but encourage you to find alternatives to single use plastics. 

???? Don’t forget, we are accepting aluminum cans for recycling on Saturdays but they must be empty with no liquids or trash inside. We will NOT accept steel containers look for the ridges on the sides to identify them from aluminum cans. Another way to tell is if a magnet sticks to the containers it is not aluminum.

Email if you have any questions.
Thank you!

The Market is Open!

Good Saturday Morning!

The market is now open to ordering! Some special treats to look for this week:
Honey comb bites, freshly harvested by Que Sera Farms
Avocado plants, small by Elena’s Garden
Mustard Greens, Mesclun Mix Greens, mesples,

And thanks to everyone who came to the market pick up on Thursday! We had fun with the membership drive! And thanks for supporting the market as we aim to support our awesome local producers!

Yours Truly,
Your Farmers Market Crew

Membership Drive this week!

Dear Foodie friends,

There are a few great veggies that got added last minute to the market. Take a look and see if you would like to add them to your order:

Fresh Ginger
Seasoning Peppers
Delicious sweet local Bananas

And this week’s pick up is our membership drive! So if your membership had expired, stop on by with your $35 and receive a complimentary membership gift! And all those who recently signed up, stop on by because we have a complimentary gift for all market members!

And most of all, please share and like our Facebook and Instagram page! And tell your friends about the market! And if you’ve been telling your friends about the market, let them k ow tomorrow is our membership drive, and if you sign up tomorrow you get an edible market gift to take home whether or not you placed an order in time.

Also, on our Facebook page we created a Membership Drive Virtual Event under the market page so please click ‘going’ and follow us for the day! We’ll be doing 3 Virtual Farmers Market Auction baskets!!! It’s going to be a cool virtual event. Please join us and share and check out the market again before it closes today at 5p!

Thanks everyone for your support!
Your Farmers Market Crew
and host farm, Que Sera Farms

Online Market still open!

Online Farmers Market is still open until 5pm Wednesday.

A lot of great buys still available:

-fresh local pumpkin
-fresh kale
-local ginger
-variety of peppers
-fig bananas, st vincent bananas
-Fire Cider

And much more…

Thank you for shopping local,
Your Market Crew