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Pick up set for tomorrow in Frenchtown! Get your order in asap!

The Market is Open!!!

For only another 3 hours though so be sure to place your order before 5pm today.

All the pick up kinks have been worked out from last week’s pick up and we are all set for tomorrow, Thursday’s pick up! For those who had orders last week, we hit a roadblock last week with DPNR who manages the facility but we worked it out and officially have permission on paper now. Which is great, now they know themselves where to get great local produce on island and are behind supporting local. Thanks to all for being flexible and supporting local too. And as a special treat, we’ll have these extras for sale that didn’t make the website in time, so plan to still stop by tomorrow:

Haitian Mangos
Kidney Mangos
Local Pineapples
Pickled cucumbers

Summer fruits are here!!! Don’t miss out! Place your order today!