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The Market is Open!

Happy Saturday everyone,

A beautiful day to get in your order for fresh local ingredients next weeks!

Welcome Taitu Farm, newest farm on the market. They carry fresh local Duck eggs! A prime culinary treat now available on the market!

Some other great buys this week:

Fresh farm eggs from Que Sera Farms & Mandahl Secret Garden

Local Scallions through Que Sera Farms and Drina’s Farm

Local Kombuchas with Kbee Kombucha

St Thomas harvest honey from VI Honey Co!

Eggplants, peppers, collard Greens, fresh Rosemary bundles and lots more online.

Ah yes and we are trying again for the cherry tomatoes from St Croix! The epic journey continues! We’re on again for another delivery so thanks in advance for your patience with the process. We really want to get you these tomatoes, they’re so good!

Have a great weekend, see you next week Wednesday St Thomas!!