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The Market is open! And now there’s Honey!

Happy Sunday!

The market is open! Some of this week’s updates:

We welcome to the market, VI Honey Co and their. Local honey from St Thomas!

We offer reusable produce bags now thanks to a fundraiser by Ilana to support the Human Society! You can add it to your order for $10 in the comments section. So we recommend buying 2x! Then you can leave one with us and take one. We’ll store your 2nd one until you next order. Just remember to bring back one every time you take one.

And some of this week’s highlights:

Kombucha Starter kits!!! by Kbee Kombucha
Curly Leaf Kale by Drina’s Farm
Wormgrass (also known as Epazote) by Drina’s Farm
Local Honey
Fire Cider Seasoning Blend by the Neighborhood Apothecary
Scallions by Que Sera Farms
Farm fresh eggs
And more!!