My name is Lourdes I make coquito which I spell Kokito™. The name of my product is Kokito™. My mother though me her family recipe. I am from Puerto Rico and we do love to party, there is no christmas without Kokito™. I always say that it will make you happy, one of my customers called it the ¨Happy Juice¨. I make it year around. When I move here I made it for gathering or made it for gifts for friends birthday, special occasions or just because; a girls nite out…
I have 10 flavors. Since Kokito™ is a mixture of ¨can stuff¨ I make sure that the flavors and colorings are natural. I make a very nice smooth and balance Kokito™. Your palate will enjoy every ingrediant in it´s perfect balance. I can customized any order.

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